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Born in 1971 in San Diego, California, Mark has been creating art for more than 3 decades. His diverse body of work contains conceptual and surrealistic subject matter that brings together several storylines. By effectively combining both literal and obscure symbolism, Mark invites the viewer to share in his perspective while allowing them to also draw upon their own meanings and experiences. Faces, figures and objects build together to create interesting juxtapositions and add mysterious texture to his thought­provoking imagery.


Inspired by Magritte, Dalí and Escher, Mark’s work is filled with powerful iconography and hidden elements to contemplate the power of aesthetics in communicating and constructing meaning. Mark’s art also reflects inspiration from his passion for one-­of­-a­-kind curiosities he acquires from his travels, as well as everyday life experiences. His use of paint, graphite and mixed­ media on different substrates combine to add further dimension.


Mark is a versatile artist with a voracious creative imagination. Also an art director, he own’s a successful studio that specializes in design and branding. He is a graduate of Southwestern College and received additional training from Art Center College of Design and Arts College International.


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